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About Light Be

Since the year of 2010, Light Be has pioneered social realty.


Light Be is the forerunner of social housing projects. Light Be believes that the public can directly participate in the supply of housing units to families with housing difficulties. Since the first investor purchased a residential unit as Light Home, more and more property owners have taken initiative to use their apartments for helping the needy. Their actions of kindness have gradually formed a new trend in the society. In addition, Light Be breaks the existing framework of housing and takes the lead to set rent without considering market value, and to create a family development driven tenancy model, which successfully improves the tenant turnover rate as well as widens the community's imagination of the supply of grassroots housing.


Having rich experience in social realty and meeting the needs of the neglected low-income families, Light Be has successfully opened up two innovative social housing projects, Light Home for single mothers and Light Housing for the sandwiched low-income. Over the years, hundreds of low-income families, parents and children have "graduated" from Light Home and Light Housing to start new chapter in their life. Light Be's units are located all over various districts of Hong Kong, Kowloon and the New Territories. Various types of properties are available, including properties and estates of different ages and sizes. The social realty experience of Light Be shows that, even without a permanent residence, people can fully live in the present, and even if their incomes are not high, they can overcome their difficulties by their own hands and pursue their vision of life.

Light Be will continue to explore more innovative social realty projects.