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Who we are

Helping Temporarily Impoverished Households rebuild upward mobility

In our society, many people that have adequate abilities and talents are forced into housing hardships and short-term poverty by temporary financial distress or change in family structure. If these Temporarily Impoverished Households do not receive aid promptly, their temporary poverty might become indefinite. On the other hand, if we could give these households specific support targeted at this new sort of poverty, they could have the chance to rebuild their upward mobility and sustainably contribute to the development of our economy, all without increasing the burden on social welfare.

Light Be’s mission is not to only provide housing, but more importantly, to give these Temporarily Impoverished Households a chance to rebuild their upward mobility.

When creating new housing solutions, Light Be always stresses the significance of beneficiary households’ way of living. Apart from providing a place of living, Light Be also offers Mobility Training targeted at Temporarily Impoverished Households. When beneficiary households are assigned their places of accommodation, a Mobility Manager will also be assigned to them. Mobility Managers will act as coach for beneficiary households in the training period of no more than 3 years: help them establish personal development goals, have monthly meetings with them, and hold annual reviews of progress in key development indexes KDI with them. Light Be’s Mobility Training puts great weight on the balance between economic and non-economic development, unleashing beneficiary households’ potential in creativity and upward mobility. The ultimate goal is for beneficiary households to find a new way out by themselves and accumulate enough impact to graduate from mobility training and to build a new way of living of their own.

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More innovative and impactful housing models

Under the reality of limited land supply and a lack of immediate developmental solutions, the spotlight has landed on how do we make the best out of currently available real estate resources. Light Be strives in optimizing current real estate resources and developing them into new housing options to tackle this conundrum. These include establishing the Light Home network with individual landlords, revitalizing an idle dormitory into the Light Housing community project, and now planning for new housing options on New Territories lands. Besides, Light Be creates its Mobility Training programme for Temporarily Poverty as well as a vast array of facilities and activities targeting different beneficiary groups.

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Social Housing Enterprise

Light Be has adopted a brand-new Social Housing Enterprise model of development since its establishment in 2010. Ricky Yu, the Founder and CEO of Light Be, resigned from his post in corporate management to establish Light Be, and has since gained the support of Social Ventures Hong Kong, Lee Hysan Foundation and Chow Tai Fook Charity Foundation. New housing projects by Light Be can be found in all 18 districts of Hong Kong. Light Be manages the whole process from contacting landlords to providing training for beneficiary households and thus accumulated a large amount of experience in the Social Housing Enterprise management.

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What we do

Foster Upward Mobility
Improve Social Housing

Our Team

Governing Team

  • Ronald Acrulli
  • Chung Kim-wah
  • Michael Lai
  • Lau Ming-wai
  • Laurence Li
  • Francis Ngai
  • Ricky Yu

    Executive Team

  • Janet Chow
  • Kinko Chu
  • Joyce Ng
  • Amen Tsang
  • Walter Woo
  • Ricky Yu