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Light Be aims to provide an environment to encourage the tenants to be self-reliant, at the same time be responsible to landlords for on-time rent payments. We manage the property responsibly and will return the property when the lease ends. If you are considering to rent out your currently owned property, or plan to purchase a property to rent out as ‘Light Home’, please feel free to .

Job Opportunities

Are you suitable for working in Light Be?

  • If you believe that the purpose of housing provision is more than providing a shelter
  • If you believe that the grassroots have capabilities and deserve a chance to develop themselves
  • You may fit for Light Be
Light Home Manager / Light Housing Manager

Are you suitable for the above jobs?

  • If you received training in social work / housing management / urban studies / relevant disciplines
  • If you long for an unconventional career path
  • You may consider to apply for the above jobs (those with less experience could consider applying for Light Home Officer / Light Housing Officer)
Job Summary
  • Raising social impact of housing unit
  • Empowering personal development of tenant household
If you are interested in joining Light Be, please with your CV and expected salary.