Light Home

A social housing network for co-tenancy of single mothers with children

Light Home is a social housing network made up of individual apartments in 18 districts across Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and even the Outlying Islands. Light Homes are not subdivided units, and they consist of flats located in housing estates and single-block buildings, old and new buildings, urban and suburb settings, and all Light Homes have their unique features.

Light Home landlords mainly consist of citizens who care about the housing and poverty problems. They hold residential property for long term and are financially capable to less consider income from rent, so they choose to lease them to Light Be for use as Light Homes. In 2012, the first Light Home landlord purposely bought a flat dedicated for use as a Light Home. Nowadays, more and more landlords have chosen to turn flats that were previously for market rent, investment or vacant into Light Homes. It could be said that Light Home started a new trend in our society. So far, the first batch of Light Homes have completed two consecutive 3-year tenancy agreements, and the renewal rate of landlords is as high as nearly 80%. For the past six years, these landlords have not followed the market price, and did not participate in subdividing units.

Light Home tenants are single mothers with children. They are often stuck in short-term poverty because of single parenting. During the 3-year tenancy period, Light Home Managers will strive to promote the their personal development in both livelihood and well-being, so that they will have a better chance to continuously improve their own overall quality of lives even after moving out.

Advanced Light Home

Theme units

The Advanced Light Homes are themed according to the unique features of each unit. Tenants will be encouraged to develop their well-being in additional to their need for livelihood development. For instance, tenants who enjoy reading are paired with the Readers’ Light Home, and tenants who enjoy painting are paired with the Painters’ Light Home.

Light Housing

A staff quarter preservation and revitalization project especially suitable for working families with children

Light Housing (or Sham Tseng Light Housing) is a former textile factory staff quarter building located in the suburbs. In Light Housing, each family is assigned their own flat, which usually has a salable area of over 300 square feet and has an additional balcony. The building also has a rooftop for planting small potted crops. Light Housing has now preserved and revitalized into a small community with over a hundred residents, and among them, many are working families with children who like the suburban environment.

In fact, there are many low-income families being inadequately housed. Many are worried that the living environment will affect their children’s growth. In addition to providing a home with vibrant sunlight, Light Housing also provides activities for children development so that parents could have more energy for their career development. Through building a community tailored for working families with children, Light Housing has made higher and deeper the social impact of the project.