Light Home

A social housing network for co-housing of single mothers with children

Light Home is a social housing network with units located across all 18 districts of Hong Kong, from the city centre to suburb even as far as Lantau. Light Homes are not subdivided units and the network is consisted of apartments from a diverse array of properties including from housing estates to private developments, new to old buildings, city centre to suburb, and more.

The beneficiary households for Light Homes mainly consist of single-mother families. Many single mothers are forced into short-term poverty by marital hardships or the passing of their significant other. To tackle this new situation, the Light Home programme puts great weight on beneficiaries’ Mobility Training, Co-housing Training and other facilities and activities that aim at supporting single mothers’ needs.

The landlords of Light Homes passionately care about society. They are largely citizens that own residential units on a long-term basis and have the financial conditions to allow not putting rent income on high priority and leasing the property on a lower price to Light Be for development as Light Homes. Ever since the first Light Home landlord specially purchased a flat for development as a Light Home, more and more landlords have allowed their flats that are originally idle or used for investment to be re-purposed as Light Homes, creating a new practice in our society bit-by-bit. After the inauguration of the Light Home programme a decade ago, the first batch of Light Home units are already stepping to their third 3-year tenancy with a high renewal rate of 80%. Over the years, the landlords of Light Home have not followed market price, and have not participated in subdividing units.

Advanced Light Home

Themed units

Advanced Light Home are themed units, aims at fostering personal development of beneficiaries through extra facilities and activities.

Light Housing

A dormitory for nuclear families with children

Light Housing is an idle ex-dormitory revitalized into a social housing project. It has many unique architectural features such as a spacious balcony for each flat.

Light Housing beneficiary households are mostly nuclear families that have fallen into short-term poverty due to the need of sacrificing work to take care of their children. To tackle this novel category of poverty, the Light Home programme puts great weight on beneficiaries’ Mobility Training, and other facilities and activities that aim at supporting nuclear families and their children’s needs.

Light Housing’s proximity to Country Parks and public swimming beaches, in addition to facilities located inside the main compound such as a children’s activities room and a community garden, ensures a rich and eventful childhood for Light Housing beneficiaries’ children that’s starkly different from a life in subdivided units.