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Being a Light Home tenant comes with right and responsibility

Tenant’s protection

A Light Home tenant will receive a four-fold protection: rent, lease period, co-tenants and facilities. Firstly, the affordability of the tenants will be taken into account when the Light Home rent is fixed. Secondly, Light Home can provide a maximum of three-years lease period if the situation allows. Thirdly, co-tenants must apply with the referrals of social workers and will be assessed before matching. Fourthly, the safety and sanitation of Light Home and its essential facilities are prioritized. In terms of space, Light Home adopted the standardized area of no less than seven square meter per person in reference to the Public Rental Housing.

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Tenant’s responsibilities

With the guarantee of a pleasant living environment, the responsibility of the tenant is to try their best to live a better life. In a maximum lease period of three years, the tenant should gather sufficient confidence and ability to satisfy her next stage’s housing need after moving out. During the process, Light Home provides the tenants a space with considerate arrangements and encouragement to let them regain confidence and rediscover the joy and challenges of their new lives with a proactive attitude.

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Light Home landlords combine charity and leasing business

The difference with traditional charity work

In simple terms, Light Home landlords voluntarily compromise their rental income temporarily, instead they willingly offer their apartments for a term of years as Light Home to help the others. When the lease ends, Light Be will make arrangements according to the landlord’s decision to either continue using the property as Light Home or recover the property for other purposes. Different with traditional charity donations, Light Home landlords do not have to donate their properties nor cash, instead they continue to hold the properties. The arrangement of Light Home is a bit similar to a low-return patient investment that maintains the value of the property in the long term.

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The difference with ordinary leasing business

The work of Light Be is to let the landlords with a sense of social responsibility to help responsible tenants. Even though this type of matching work is harder than ordinary leasing service, it brings more protection to both parties. During the lease period, the landlord can be guaranteed with on-time rent payment and Light Be will be responsible for the management of the flat’s internal facilities. Light Home is especially popular amongst the landlords with little time to manage their flats.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Light Home

Empowerment Housing

Light Be focuses on promoting Social Realty, and has developed an Empowerment Housing model with the experience of managing Light Home.

Light Housing will be the first in Hong Kong to apply Empowerment Housing onto the whole building. A community with positive energy will be tied and tightened by various responsible families in a way defined by right, responsibility and time limit.

The first Light Housing project is situated in Sham Tseng, the project aims to revitalize an old textile factory staff quarter building. Thanks to the generous support of the Chow Tai Fook Charity Foundation, Light Be renovated this 50 years-old accommodation to provide more than 40 units to families with housing difficulties at an affordable rent for a maximum period of three years. Apart from providing more housing opportunities, Sham Tseng Light Housing revitalized a block of wrecked building and made good use of precious real estate resources.


Frequently Asked Questions on Light Housing